Monday, November 11, 2013

Conference Call with Stephen Nathan via TV Tango

Conference call via @tvtango on Twitter with Stephan Nathan:

#Bones EP @squarechicken says: "I'll sing" after this conference was introduced by operator as the #AmericanIdol conference call.

#Bones EP @squarechicken says: "That might not air until Feb. Hodgins finds out some secrets about his family that are quite surprising."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Brennan not going to forget words of warning by Pelant. Will surface in way that concerns Booth + people @ lab"

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Hodgins is sent out in field, because murder revolves around family close to his family growing up."

#Bones @squarechicken: "Danny. We're working on that episode now. Probably [air] in Feb. Causes Booth to question Danny that is surprising."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "What we're trying to do is highlight and personalize conflicts of supporting cast. See them through B&B eyes."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We're doing quite an emotional story with Wendell coming up. Their lives hopefully become richer than in past."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We're going 2 deal w Cam's identity theft. That's really fascinating. Most of time police do nothing."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "And eventually dealing with the person who has stolen her identity."

#Bones @squarechicken: "[Brennan on jury] is something we had in files 4 years. B follows instructions 2 letter of law. Gets us in trouble."

#Bones @squarechicken: "[Jury duty] allowed us to integrate two murders in one story, and have Brennan involved in both. It is complicated."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Pelant was such a big bad, very difficult 2 do again. Another serial killer (aka Ghost Killer) surfacing."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Identity lurks in shadows. We're pointed in the direction in ep shooting now, which is 1st one back in Jan."

#Bones @squarechicken: "We're prepping eps now. @David_Boreanaz is going to kill it [as director]. A take on "Searching for Sugar Man" docu.

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We haven't felt the end of Pelant."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "I don't think the anger issues are going to affect B&B marriage. Don't want immediately in counseling."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We're not going to focus on Booth's physical ailments. They'll probably rear their head later in season."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We want to examine B&B working together in dangerous situation. How does work affect family life now?"

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Primarily, we're going to be putting them in ever more challenging sits and rely on friends + squints."

#Bones @squarechicken says: We've waited 9 yrs to get B&B together. Want them to be happy for awhile. They enough problems w/ being shot at

#Bones @squarechicken says: "It's been proven, no matter where we go, our audience follows. I say that w/ appreciation. They are so devoted"

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Our DVR numbers go up 35-45% sometime for L+3 and L+7 because opposite VOICE." Now, they'll watch Fri Sat Sun

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Friday is not ideal. Thursdays was great for us and Fox, because of us. Mondays too."

.@SquareChicken "thankfully the move has happened when the days of the week don't matter on television anymore" @BonesonFox Retweeted by TV Tango

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We might be adding an intern. They're all fabulous actors. Oliver Wells will be gone for a while [to direct]."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Fisher might be coming back and hooking up with somebody we know."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "Nora Dunn is on tonight. She's hilarious, playing another mystery writer who has feud with Brennan."

#Bones @squarechicken says: "We have something so shocking tonight [in opening] that has nothing to do w dead body. Revoltingly delightful."

Conf call w #Bones @squarechicken is over. New ep 2nite @ 8pm, before moving to Fridays @ 8pm later this week. About:

#Bones @squarechicken says: Tonight's #BONES is a special episode for anyone who has a television.

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