Friday, April 24, 2015

(Video, Youtube) Hart Hanson on Why Episode 206 Will Just Be a ‘Good, Solid’ Hour

This Thursday, BONES will be celebrating a special hour: episode 206 is not only the number of bones in the human body, but it’ll also make the series the longest running one-hour drama from the show’s studio, 20th Century Fox. And while it’s a milestone, the hour will be fairly run-of-the-mill for logistical reasons, BONES creator Hart Hanson explained in the video below. In addition to coming very close to the show’s 200th episode massive production, the writers were also trying to balance not knowing whether they’d have to plan for a season or series finale.

Take a look…

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Ratings and Reviews: The Eye in the Sky


1. Buddy TV

2.Thank You Liz Lemon

3. TV Fanatic

4.  Entertainment Weekly

5. Celebrity Dirty Laundry

6. Gotta Watch It

7. Give Me My Remote


1. Spoiler TV: 4.56 million

2. Variety: 'held steady week to week'

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

(Youtube, Video) Pledge Your Support for the Unbreakable Glass with Honeycomb Structured Ultra Rubber


(Video, Youtube) 10x16 Promo: The Big Beef at the Royal Diner

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Bones Preview: 5 Things About The Eye in the Sky

There are some big things happening on Thursday night’s episode of Bones, “The Eye in the Sky.” For one, actress Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy finally translates to her character as it is revealed that Brennan is indeed pregnant with her second child. The show will also tackle Booth’s possible relapse into gambling as he heads undercover as part of an underground poker game.
Fans don’t have long to wait to catch this new episode, but we do have a few teases and bits of information to make that waiting game a little more fun...

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(Video, Youtube) New Sneak Peek! "I Knew It!" from The Eye in the Sky

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Script Tease: Tonight's Episode


Broadcast TV Buzz: ‘The Messengers’ Facing Cancellation, ‘Castle’ & ‘The Good Wife’ Inch Closer To Renewal & More

"In less than a month, the five networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC) will descend on New York City for their Upfront Presentations where they will unveil their programming slates for the 2015-2016 season to Madison Avenue. Shortly before then the network will make calls on which of this season’s shows will be back and which will be cancelled...

... The numbers for Bones have been solid and the network’s top brass have already publicly stated that they want to bring the show back for at least one more season. Much like Castle at ABC and Criminal Minds at CBS, the real issue is that the contracts for the two leads (Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz) are up this year. Talks have been occurring, but have been lengthy and “difficult”. That said, both camps are optimistic that deals with the studio will close soon, paving the way for an eleventh season order."

Source: TV Wise UK
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Bones Boss Previews Brennan and Booth's Marital 'Strain,' Angela and Hodgins' 'Huge' Life Reexamination

As Bones‘ main couple begins to face a major challenge that threatens to tear their marriage apart in this Thursday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), their friends/colleagues Angela and Hodgins will be looking towards the next step for their own clan.

“Like a yawn spreads, it will be an examination that rubs off on Booth and Brennan,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine. “They also have to look at the life they’ve been leading and how it affects their family and how it might affect their family in the future.”

Given that the pair has been imprisoned, shot at and had their house destroyed, they have to decide, “Is this the life they want to raise children in?”

Read on as Nathan talks gambling troubles, baby names, marriage for another couple, Season 11’s time jump and more...

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BONES: ‘The Eye in the Sky’ Teases

BONES is tackling two big topics in tonight’s new episode: Brennan’s pregnancy reveal and Booth’s gambling relapse. While there are only a few hours to go until “The Eye in the Sky” airs, I do have a few teases/thoughts about the episode…

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