Bones Spoilers

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hiatus Help! Winter TV Spoilers 2015


The Fox drama is again in the family way as Brennan and Booth attempt to keep the news of their second pregnancy a secret from co-workers. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela face "a good amount of conflicts," T.J. Thyne reveals, especially when the topic of spirituality vs. science is brought up after Avalon receives a message from Sweets. (Adds Michaela Conlin: "It's an artist and a scientist making a life together. That will always bring up some issues.") Another couple, Cam and Arastoo, find themselves at a crossroads when he goes back to Iran to take care of his ailing brother and in turn becomes a political prisoner. But perhaps most troubling of all is this teaser from star Emily Deschanel: "There's a possible serial killer" coming up soon..

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