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Saturday, December 12, 2015

(Interview, Pics) Glass meets actor and producer Michaela Conlin, star of US hit TV show Bones

Few can boast a lifetime of doing what they love and following their greatest passion and actor and producer Michaela Conlin, star of Fox’s hit television show Bones, is one of those few. From the humble and adorable beginnings of a five-year-old girl, active in local community theater, she is now highly lauded for her role as the feisty forensic artist, Angela Montenegro, in Bones.
She has also appeared in movies such as The Lincoln Lawyer alongside Matthew McConaughey and Enchanted alongside Amy Adams. On the eve of the mid-season finale of the phenomenally successful Bones, we talk to Conlin about the role that has made her an American household name these last 11 years and her forthcoming, highly anticipated indie film Baby Baby Baby, in which she stars opposite award winning artists Kelsey Grammar and Dennis Haysbert...

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