Bones Spoilers


I just wanted to write a few notes about following the blog:

You can follow the blog on Twitter under my username ForensicMama. There's a feed to the Twitter, but unfortunately I'm a bit of a chatterbox.

We have a Myspace.It's a bit underused... few people use Myspace any more. You can also search for the name Forensic Mama.

The FaceBook Blog Following is going to be pretty awesome. If you follow the blog on Facebook, you can receive fresh updates whenever this blog is updated on your home page.

I also write on LiveJournal at the community, The_BCT. It's an open community. You can post your theories on the season, your art, your ideas, your fanfiction, etc.

You can also follow this blog through traditional means on Blogger. I think you can even set it up so that you get updates on your Google Home Page. You can subscribe to either the RSS Feed or the Atom Feed.

If you see the comments, first comment, you can learn how to receive updates through your Gmail, although those won't be very timely.

I also post at the ABY, an awesome Bones Forum. Check it out. There's an active fanfic page and Spoiler chat page!

As far as scheduling goes, check out @bones_schedule on Twitter! I started this one for the purpose of keeping these dates straight in my mind!
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