Bones Spoilers


Please only post your most respectful thoughts on the comments of this blog. That means being respectful to your fellow fan and to the actors and crew who create this show we all love. Most of all, I'd like to put to end comments about the bodies of the women on this show. Call me a feminist, but darn it, be respectful!

I won't let disrespectful comments slide on the blog any more. Still feel free to disagree and debate, but do it respectfully. I reserve the right to delete any and all rude comments and comments which degrade the show. This is a place for fans.

To comment, please sign in with one of the following:

1. Google - Just use your Gmail/Blogger account to log in.

2. Livejournal - Sign up for an account at & use that ID to sign in & leave a comment here.

3. Wordpress -

4. AIM

5. Open ID

Commenting is difficult with the new system, but maybe it's for the best because I really cannot police it all the time. Awesome sites for open discussion include Twitter, Tumblr, and a variety of fan-created Facebook pages. Thanks!

Edit: Commenting seems to be working below. I ask that you all mind your P's and Qs, like the big boys and girls that you are. I believe that all comments are linked to Facebook (perhaps you can choose to not have your comments show up on your FB feeds, I honestly have not commented).
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