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Friday, December 11, 2015

Bones Review: Where Do We Go From Here?

No one saw that coming.
We’ve been told that the Bones Season 11 Fall Finale would involve a “major shake-up,” but there’s no way we could have prepared ourselves for this.
If you haven’t watched both episodes in their entirety yet, stop reading this and go watch now, because there’s a serious spoiler ahead.
Let’s start with the lighter side of things, though. The first half of the two-part fall finale has Booth and Brennan going undercover in a whole new way, and it’s pretty amazing.
That’s right. Buck and Wanda are back, but this time, they’re a little different. Instead of Booth and Brennan going undercover as a power couple as we’ve seen in the past, Brennan sets them up as strangers. It’s and Old-West style shooting competition, and the two of them find themselves getting competitive with each other...

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