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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ask Matt: December 8th, Will Bones Rise Again?

Will Bones Rise Again?

Question: What do you make of the chances of renewal of Bones on Fox given the recent lawsuits brought against the network? — EL
Matt Roush: A lot less than I would have predicted before the two lead actors and Kathy Reichs (author of the book series) jumped on the legal bandwagon, crying foul over the network and studio's accounting practices. The network is still promoting the show—just got screeners to this week's back-to-back fall finale episodes (which I can't promise I'll be able to watch before Thursday)—so it's not entirely toxic, but where and when Bones will return in the midseason lineup after this week has yet to be announced, so it looks like it's still getting about as much respect as it ever has through much of its 11 seasons. And when things get this messy, it's rarely a good sign for a long-term future.

Source: TV Insider
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