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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Conference Call Tweets

says: "We didn't want to lose what the original theme was. They [Crystal Method] did a phenomenal job on new song."

says: "He [Pelant] is going to be around all season. He's going to color S8 a little bit. Nobody will rest easy." 

says: "They are currently negotiating through at least season 9. We're confident they'll come to an agreement." 

says: "David is a mischievous guy. He loves lobbing hand grenades out. It's part of the game to him. No serious bile."  

says: "It's a gulch hanger, not a cliff hanger" : "It's just to raise questions." about season opener. 

says: "We will be meeting new interns sometime this season. We love having that revolving door in the lab."  

says: "Brennan's dad will be back." says: "I hope Billy Gibbons will be back." 

says: "We're very interested in having Booth's mom meet Brennan. That's in the bin" for the last nine eps of this season.  

says: "It is not someone you won't recognize. It's not a brand new person" about Cam's love life. 

: "Nothing better than having actors [David, Emily] tell u they want to do more not less. Wanted to wreck more furniture."  

: "We loved the idea that just because a decision is the most rational, it's still painful. Maybe tougher if nobody wrong" 

says: "Two of our people are not scientists and tend to realize that people are more complex and not just rational."  

says: "Now they have to deal with the relationships in their lives, as well as Pelant. Pelant is not going away." 

says: " and I, every morning, have a cup of coffee and argue about politics & families & movies & books."  

says: "They [writers] are giving us murders and body finds that we've seen b4. We try to follow character's leads." 

: "Every hiatus we meet with actors one-on-one. We want them all connected and vested in what they're doing. We're lucky."  

says about Booth-Brennan wedding: "They're might be." adds: "You know it's only S8. We're just beginning." 

says: "We find out who Cam is with" in episode 5. "Brennan and squints go up against someone who eliminates evidence."  

says: "We owe a huge debt to many pairings in TV history who had that dynamic -- Sherlock Holmes, STAR TREK, X-FILES." 

: "Someone came up to me & he was grateful that religious people in our show are not portrayed as superstitious morons.  

says: "It was the 1st time I'd co-written an episode w/ and it was an absolute nightmare." on S8 opener 

says: "We discussed at great length at what happens when the 1st see each other & hangover from 3 month separation."  

says: "It was difficult to find a way to do a standard episode and be the re-introduction of Brennan." 

says about avoiding FBI: "I think I would fail miserably. Going on the lam and off the grid is hard."  

says: "A massage. That's a lot of episodes" about 150th episode 

says: "It's a weird episode. Told from the point of view of the victim. Very tricky to shoot." about 150th episode 

says: "Cyndi Lauper is in it as our resident psychic and is trying to help find what the victim needs" in 150th ep. 

jokingly says: "Now we're planning the 300th ep. It will be from my and perspective."  


This season the opening credits of are different  

talks about Crystal Method doing a remix of the theme for them. adds they didn't want 2 lose what original was  

Pelant will be around all season on - most interesting murder had on the show 

. Pelant will "color it red" with the season  

. thinks that we will see & next season they are in negotiations. They are confident.  

. is a mischievous guy ; it's all part of the game to him

. thinks wants to come back as much as they want him to  

the end of next episode was the natural end 2 extend the Pelant story

will still have a revolving gang of interns & always check on their availabilites  

. says we will see old interns that we haven't seen in awhile & also some new interns this season of  

. they hope to have Angela's dad back this season. Also have story 4 Hodgin's brother they might use. Also Booth's mom maybe  

. says Zoey Deschanel is very busy so they don't know that they will have her back.

. Cam's love interest this season is someone that fans will recognize - hopefully won't see it coming.  

. talks abt Brennan/Booth reunion actors wanted 2 go further so they upped energy (me: is hot)  

And now I'm wondering if they are talking about a different scene then I am thinking of lol  

. will see some evidence in 2nd ep of how Brennan leaving affected Booth  

. just because something is the right & rational decision, it doesn't make it easy - will be addressed ep 2 of  

Booth, Angela & Sweets are not scientists so they stand apart a bit from "smartest thing to do" etc.  

. everyone reacts differently Angela & Booth are closer to Brennan so they get angry at times  

. focusing more on doing "great murders" this season, but all personal lives have been altered by what happened  

. now they have to deal w that stuff & Pelant but it won't be in every episode  

. "If the characters stay fresh the show stays fresh because they lead the way."  

. adds that they listen to the actors - meet which each one on one - who do you like scenes with, etc.  

says they have been married many years to their wifes, and is another marriage (& successful)  

. & . tease there could be a wedding coming up...

. "We're having sex with , what's crazy about that?" rofl (it's their other wife)  

they did not tell Reed Diamond about the plans for his character

. in crime scene clean up we'll find out who Cam is w. Also someone is wiping up evidence.  

. part of what appealed to him about is he would get do do series rational thought vs. emotion, etc.  

lists as an example that does that.  

. & . talk abt the religious issues on show & how B/B are so different but they come together, raise a child etc 

. Brennan has an ability to concentrate on what's in front of her, here "retreat." so she is not someone 2 worry - that's Booth  

. when Brennan is looking at bodies, etc. Booth is always looking around for other things. So Pelant will affect Booth more 

. by the end of the season opener Brennan will go back to work @ the Jeffersonian  

. adds that nothing is safe though because Pelant is still out there  

says he has no memory of cowriting with . before (joking)  

. says he's not a good cowriter; they toss things back & forth  

. talks about discussing things @ great length during the cowriting  

. Brennan got the advice from her dad to look for his first killing (that way eventually they could bring B/B back together)  

. says . would surrender if he couldn't get to an ATM (was in hiding) . says he could eat a squirrell 

. says also he'd call the writers lol  

. ep 150 is a "weird" ep told from the victim's pov. Was tricky 2 shoot.

. needed a heartfelt story because it's from victim's pov - it's of a boy, so it's not funny  

 . it shows a side we normally don't get to see. Also Cindy Lauper is back for ep 150.

. Adds that Cindy Lauper isn't there to solve the murder, the victim needs something else.  

. everyone's come together for this one - beautiful script, etc. - very rich ep & should be unique for 150.  


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