Bones Spoilers

Thursday, October 9, 2014

(Video) Brennan's Concerns About Booth Mount in This 'Bones' Sneak Peek

Booth puts up a nice front in the exclusive sneak peek (below) from the next new episode of Bones, but there's no fooling Brennan. She can see right through him.
There's no doubt that everyone is having a hard time dealing with Sweets' season premiere death, but Booth's lack of sleep and unwillingness to emotionally deal with the trauma from the last few months continues to cause concern for his wife.

Predictably, Booth has a tough-guy reaction to it all — "I'll sleep when I'm tired," he says — but we know it's only a matter of time until it all catches up with him.
After the season premiere, executive producer Stephen Nathan told Mashable that despite the team's resident psychologist being gone, they would discover his time with them had been more valuable than they even realized. "I think, really, they are left with what Sweets has given them to deal with the challenges they're facing," he said. "So, they've all been changed by Sweets. It's like somebody letting go of the bicycle when they're teaching you to ride it. They now have to ride the bicycle — they've all been through a lot together."...

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