Bones Spoilers

Friday, October 3, 2014

Post Mortem: Bones Boss Talks Missing Funeral Guests, the 'Furious' Booth-Brennan Fight, Sweets' Twin and More

R.I.P. Sweets.

On Thursday’s Bones, Booth, Brennan & Co. paid tribute to John Francis Daley’s fallen shrink with an appropriately no-frills memorial service held on a hilltop overlooking Washington, D.C. (Admit it, you cried during Brennan’s speech. We’re not here to judge you.)

The episode also (mostly) resolved the complex conspiracy that led to Sweets’ untimely death, included a ferocious, impeccably acted Booth-Brennan fight scene, and brought Sweets’ quasi-successor (and eerie doppelgänger) Aubrey into the forefront.

Below, exec producer Stephen Nathan answers our myriad burning questions about the emotional hour. Included among our queries: Why was Sweets’ service so poorly attended, and why wasn’t widow Daisy more of a wreck?...

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