Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ask Ausiello: October 29, 200th News!

Question: Any Bones nuggets?  —Susan
Ausiello: How about an updated Episode 200 cast list? The first four Bones vets locked for the milestone hour are… Ryan O’Neal (Brennan’s pa Max), Billy F. Gibbons (Angela’s pa Billy), Laura Spencer (squintern Jessica) and Ignacio Serricchio (squintern Rodolfo). More to come!
Question: Any chance you have some Bones scoop that you have yet to share? —Rachel 
Ausiello: The show will take a breather after No. 200 with a run of quieter, more traditional Bones installments. “The 200th episode is a great big, black, sucking hole that all the effort has gone into,” notes series creator Hart Hanson. “So the show is somewhat smaller for at least three or four episodes. We go back to our normal show after the 200th, for a while.”

Source: TV Line
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