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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bones 10x01 Ratings, Reviews, Reaction Articles, and NEW Images



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1. USA Today: Exclusive, Bones Star reacts to dark twist

2. E!Online: Bones premiere just emotionally wrecked us. How shocked were you?

3. TV Guide: Bones Boss Breaks Down the Devastating Season Opener

4. TVLine: Find out why Sweets had to die


1. Buddy TV: Brennan resorts to blackmail and a beloved character dies

2. TV Fanatic: Review

3. Give Me My Remote: Recap

4. TV Equals: What's wrong with vengeance?

5. IBTimes: Who died in the premiere?

6. Celebrity Dirty Laundry: Recap

7. Powered by Osteons

8. EW Recap: Ducks fly together

9. Hollywood Gossip: Who died?!


Bones held steady with 6.2 Million and a 1.6 1849 rating. The episode aired against big ratings shows: Thursday Night Football and Grey's Anatomy. I think it did well, considering! Bones fans are living up to their loyal name.

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2. The Futon Critic

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