Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ask Ausiello: January 7

Question: I’m a bit late, but happy anniversary, TVLine! Congrats to all involved. Now, do you have any juicy Bones scoop you want to share? —Rachel
Ausiello: Thanks, Rachel! Sentiments that precede demands for scoop are truly the most meaningful. On the Bones front, EP Stephen Nathan shares that the storyline involving Hodgins and the loss of his fortune “continues in a very interesting and surprising way” later this season. Also, as we previously scooped, Pelant resurfaces in this Friday’s Ghost Killer-launching episode, and his sorta-resurrection has a “very immediate and personal” impact on Brennan, teases Nathan. “In an odd way, he’s the driving force behind Brennan’s obsession [with TGK].”

Source: TV Line
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