Monday, January 6, 2014

7 Teases About Bones’ “The Ghost in the Killer” Episode

If you receive a boxed skeleton on your front doorstep at Christmas time, there’s a good chance you were on Santa’s Naughty List, right?
Not if you’re forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth in this Friday’s episode, “The Ghost in the Killer.” At least, that’s what one would think … but this case and its implications are perhaps the most complicated the Jeffersonian team has ever encountered. And this time it’s personal. For everyone.
Returning to our screens after the holiday hiatus, Bones’ first two episodes, “The Ghost in the Killer” and “Big in the Philippines” set the stage for two equally bold story arcs that deliver on the promise of a ‘unique and out-of the box’ second half of Bones’ ninth season.
Courtesy of our friends at FOX, ScreenSpy previewed these two first episodes and we can’t wait to share some tidbits with you. First, let’s talk about “The Ghost Killer.” Look out for our follow up piece on  “Big in the Philippines” coming soon.
Here we go!

1. Two Sexy Skin Scenes!
First, a Brennan-Booth bedroom scene … actually in the bed this time … and it’s not a dream. I kid you not! As expected, Brennan is assertive and Booth is accommodating, but keep your pants on people, it’s not the whiz-bang you may be dying for. It is, however, endearing and a good set up for what happens in the rest of the episode. The second skin scene involves a shower stall and a very small towel. That is all I will say...

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