Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TV Line March 26

Question: I have not heard anything about Bones‘ penultimate episode this season. Do you know anything about it that you can tease? I know Chad Lowe is directing and that, apparently, they’re shooting something big on Tuesday. —Amelia
Ausiello: Today’s Ask Ausiello is (apparently) brought to you by the word penultimate! Regarding your query, I defer to exec producer Stephen Nathan: “The penultimate episode involves shutting down the lab because of an unknown and highly contagious disease which has killed a blogger. One of our own is also afflicted. The only way to save this member of ‘our family,’ who I will not divulge, is to catch the murderer. It’s a pretty intense and emotional Bones.” Which member of the team do you think gets cooties? Jump to the comments with your most educated guesses! (Then jump back and read the rest of AA, please. There’s some good stuff below.)

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