Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inside TV Spoilers: February 5

Monday’s episode of Bones is going to find Brennan near-death and having visions of her dead mother. Heavy? You bet. Thankfully, Emily Deschanel reports that despite an upcoming string of fairly drama-heavy episode, they’re currently about to start work on one that’s pretty much the opposite. “The next one we’re going to do is about survivalists, people thinking the end of the world is coming and living in a bunker,” she says. “They’re all kind of incestual and sleeping with each other. So that’s kind of quirky and fun.” And dirty. “They’re all passing syphilis to each other,” Deschanel says with a laugh.
But her show’s ability to weave the dark and light waters of television so effortlessly over the past 8 seasons is something the actress says has been a gift. “There’s always a light touch to the show, which I think is unique in television. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it’s good for us to do when we deal with death all the time,” she says, adding that Brennan’s ability to be the source of humor is also an unexpected but welcomed aspect to the character. “What she thinks is hilarious is not necessarily hilarious to other people. So that’s fun to play for sure.”
Note: Check out a First Look photo from Brennan’s upcoming near-death experience here. And watch InsideTV for more from our chat with Deschanel soon.

Source: Inside TV at EW.com
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