Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ask Ausiello: February 5

Question: Loved your Bones‘ teases last week. Care to explain one of them with more detail, either the alarm clock mystery or the Booth-Brennan marriage dilemma (I heard wedding bells when I read that), please? —Cassidy
Ausiello: I have no additional information on either one of those wonderfully cryptic teases. I do, however, have fresh intel on the upcoming episode that delves into Sweets’ past. According to John Francis Daley, in “The Fact in the Fiction” (airing Feb. 25), Sweets will finally reveal who inflicted the scars on his back (as first glimpsed in 2009′s “Mayhem on a Cross”). ”He helps this girl who is a victim of a date rape by telling her she’s not alone in having dealt with childhood trauma,” Daley previews. “It’s kind of an intense scene. Sweets doesn’t break down because he’s trying to comfort this girl, but I think she’s probably the first person he ever talked to about this situation.”

Source: TV Line
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