Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mega Buzz: January 29

Got any scoop on Booth from Bones? — Whitney
When I asked David Boreanaz about the nagging mystery of Booth's big secret — you know, the one between him and God — I was a bit surprised by the answer. "Booth communicates to God in a very painful way," Boreanaz says. "He was a soldier. One of the things we don't really realize is he wakes up every morning in pain, and we haven't really examined that." So will he let his teammates — and more importantly, Brennan — in on the secret? "He has a pretty good cloak with the belt buckle and the socks — he hides behind a lot of that," Boreanaz says. "[Booth's shrink] Stephen Fry exposed a bit of that, and maybe now he needs to expose that to Brennan and see where that takes them."

Source: Mega Buzz
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