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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bones in TV Guide

Fox's Bones is going back in time to face off against history's most notorious killer: Jack the Ripper. Exec producer Stephen Nathan says a murder will take place in an unusual hipster youth community where everyone lives like it's the late 1800s. "They're in a completely different world, with handlebar mustaches and suspenders," says Nathan. "Booth and Brennan will have to discover if someone is mimicking Jack the Ripper." I broke news of the episode to the show's stars, who seem intrigued. "I wonder if I'll have mutton chops," ponders David Boreanaz (above, with Emily Deschanel). "I've always been fascinated by Jack the Ripper, and the science back then was raw and gruesome." Adds Deschanel, "Brennan will have a field day with this, because it's like discovering a tribe that hasn't been touched by modern society."

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