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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blog Retirement

Hey, everybody. I'm retiring my blog effective immediately. What that means is that I'll no longer be blogging. That also means that I'm still a big fan of Bones. It's been a big part of my life for so long... I can hardly remember. I think I started blogging in Season 4...? Later? Maybe season 6. Well, I started watching in season 4. See? A long time. Along the way, I've met so many wonderful people from around the world. It's amazing how small the world can seem when it comes to being involved with a fandom. Now it seems that everyone is a fangirl or boy of something! I think we were the originals. ;) Or the beginning of something special, anyway. I've never regretted being a part of the Bones fan culture. It's just time for me to move on now. I'm hardly able to keep up any more and I'm afraid the blog will become a desert if I don't call it now. Thank you, friends. Thank you, fans. Keep watching the new and final season. Can you believe Bones has made it this far? It's pretty amazing. I'm proud of this show. I'm proud of the writers, cast, crew, leadership and FANS. As the show heads into its final season, I'm certain it's going to warm hearts and blow some minds. Hey, Bones, thank you for some great memories. Thanks for a million and one relaxing evenings on the sofa. Thanks for my love-handles... haha! Thanks for imagination and passion. Thanks for encouraging people in pursuing everything from writing to the sciences to working in the TV industry. That's a pretty cool achievement in and of itself.

I'm going to list below a few people I know who post spoilers and news regularly throughout the season on Twitter, etc. Like and follow them!

@geraghtyvl She's amazing and really great at finding the scoop!
@iBones (also on Facebook) News, pictures, spoilers, from amazing and passionate Italian fans!
@DWBBfan (private Twitter, just like this acct) Amazing fan and great news!!!
@addiesbones Czech fan, mostly in Czech, but also news, interviews, etc.
@KATIARABREAU Give her a follow. She's also great at finding news!

If I missed someone, I'm sorry. Of course, there are so many wonderful and knowledgeable fans out there that I'm sure there are people I haven't even met that you know about, so share the news and the love. Let others know you're out there.

Thanks for everything!

Enjoy Bones, everyone! <3 br="">
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