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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

'Bones' EP teases what's next for Hodgins, Booth and Brennan, S12 and more

"Bones" finally returns this week after a much too long hiatus. On Tuesday, April 12, executive producer/co-showrunner Michael Peterson spoke with reporters about what's coming up with Hodgins' paralysis, the newest serial killer and the team's relationships – and even gave a few teases for season 12.
When "Bones" season 11 left off, Hodgins was paralyzed following an explosion at a crime scene. When they talked to TJ Thyne about it, "he could not have been more excited to really stretch his legs as an actor by not using his legs," the EP shared, going on to say that they didn't want this to be something that was "very quick and done." Instead, they "wanted to make sure it affected everybody" and you'll see how everyone reacts. For example, "Booth is much more about the hope and Brennan is looking strictly at the science of the situation, which is not so hopeful."...

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