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Monday, December 7, 2015

Top Eleven Things You didn’t Know About Bones

1) Odd Coincidences
There have been some very odd coincidences which have taken place directly involving Bones and real life. Here are a few of the most strange and startling of such coincidences. One episode of Bones had a story line based on a wrestler who also happened to be a dwarf, this episode was known as “The Dwarf in the Dirt,” and not long after that episode a real dwarf wrestler was actually murdered. Another episode belonging to the television show had a Santa Claus-bank robber, and, oddly enough, that very thing happened in real life soon afterwards. “The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken” was a season five episode where bits of a human body ends up in chicken nuggets. This also actually occurred not long after the writers of Bones had conceived of that very event. One has to wonder how such strange and unique coincidences might occur...

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