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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BONES: BONES: Six Teasers from the Cowboy and Explosion-Filled Winter Finale

Booth and Brennan are going back undercover in the first half of the two-hour BONES winter finale. But after a lighthearted and fun episode, the mood turns serious. In the second hour, the team tries to find a cop killer. After having watched the two episodes, we have some teasers to share with you.
Giddy-up! The squints are called in to investigate the death of an accountant who liked to participate in the Frontier Games on the weekend, which involve people wearing traditional cowboy garb and participating in shooting and other competitions. Booth is eager to go undercover at the upcoming games in an attempt to find the killer, thinking that it will be fun. But it’s really Aubrey who seems desperate to participate and can’t stop talking about riding horses. Eventually, he has one of the best entrance lines of the episode (“I’m your posse!”)...

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