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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(Interview) Emily Deschanel and Michael Peterson – Bones

Q) I was wondering when people meet you do they mistake you for character, expect you to be brilliant like Brennan and know all this medical stuff?
Emily: Of course, I’m brilliant just like my character.  Yes, well, I mean people call me by my character all the time, I mean people call me Bones or Dr. Brennan.  My favorite was in Spain people would say “Doctora Brennan.”  I don’t know, sometimes people think I know medical stuff beyond Bones, too.  They assume I know everything about the human body, which I, obviously, do not. I think people are mostly pretty savvy.  I don’t get that many people thinking that I’ll be able to solve a murder or operate on somebody or whatever they think.  There are a few people who, I guess I’m that convincing, they believe I’m really like that...

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