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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

(Scan, Article, Transcription) Throw Back Wednesday: The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones by Anna David
Emily Deschanel's smart and sexy vibe creates chemistry from anthropology

Bones Wednesdays 9/8c, FOX

Emily Deschanel won the lead role on Bones by going toe-to-toe with costar David Boreanaz -- literally.

Brought in at the eleventh hour, Deschanel was reading with Boreanaz when he suddenly moved toward her. "Ninety percent of actors would take a step back, but she stepped into him," says executive producer Hart Hanson."That's the key to chemistry. They're equal."

As the coolly methodical forensic anthropologist and novelist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, Deschanel has made the study of skeletal remains a reason for eight million viewers to seek out the investigative drama. That, and the rumbling sexual tension between Bones and Seeley Booth (Boreanaz), a special agent from the FBI's Homicidal Investigation Unit.

This week, Bones and Booth travel to California to investigate the body parts of a woman found near Los Angeles International Airport. The victim's extensive plastic surgery makes the probe more perplexing. Actor-director Penny Marshall, who made her bones on Laverne & Shirley, has a cameo. 

"I've never done anything this intense before," Deschanel says of her first crack at episodic TV. "I'm in almost every scene and working every day."

Most weekends, she rehearses with Boreanaz. "From the minute I met with him, it just felt right," says Deschanel of the actor who, cut his teeth on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. "We take our work seriously, but we have fun with it," she says. "We trust each other and know each other's secrets."

(Gossipmongers, take note: Boreanaz is married to actress Jaime Bergman, and Deschanel considers their 3-year-old son, Jaden Rayne, her "boyfriend.")

A lithe and lighthearted theater graduate of Boston University, Deschanel, 28, grew up in a home where drama was taken seriously. Her father, Caleb, is a celebrated cinematographer whose work includes "The Passion of the Christ." Her sister Zooey ("Almost Famous") is a screen actress. Deschanel delights in her character's prickly presence and respects her dedication to foraging for the truth. "There's a difference between being nice and being good," she says. "Brennan isn't always nice, but she is always good."

Her work has required Deschanel to bone up on human anatomy. "Before shooting technical scenes, Eric Millegan, who plays my assistant, and I will be singing show tunes or quoting our favorite comedy movies," she says. "Then suddenly I'm saying lines like 'The scapula is shattered in many places.'"

"At the beginning it was so hard," she says. "I learned about bones in school a long time ago, and now I'm learning them all over again."

According to executive producer Hanson, Deschanel Demonstrated right from her audition that she had the will and winning way needed to bring Bones to life.

"We needed three things," recalls Hanson. "Someone who was sexy, smart and funny. No one had all three, then in she came. Within five minutes we were doing handsprings because she had all those things -- and more."

Caption under the picture: "Booth and Bones pick up the pieces this week"

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