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Thursday, June 11, 2015

BONES: Stephen Nathan on Saying Goodbye to the Show (For Now)

As BONES’ tenth season comes to an end, characters could be making some major life-changing decisions.

Whether those changes come to fruition or not, the team will have to deal with a significant challenge in Thursday’s season finale: a case brings (the still-dead) Pelant back into the team’s life.

And while BONES will return for an 11th season this fall, its long-time showrunner, Stephen Nathan, is stepping down. (BONES writers Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson will run season 11.)

When Nathan’s exit was announced, Fox shared that in the immediate future, he would be working on other projects, but he planned on returning “later” in season 11. Nathan — who has worked on the Fox drama since the first season — echoed that sentiment to me during a recent interview sharing, “It’s time to take a step back, get a little bit of perspective, do some other things, and then come back a little refreshed, hopefully.”

But with his (temporary) goodbye looming, I asked Nathan how he felt about leaving the series, for now, and what about the experience has meant the most to him/what he was most proud of. His answers are below, and speak (beautifully) to what the show has meant to him throughout the years. (And be sure to check back here after the BONES finale for a post-mortem with Nathan about what went down)…

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