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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Celebrate a 'Bones' Milestone by Playing Live Bingo with Fans

Holy cats, the Bones Fairies are whipping up quite a frenzy in the digital world to get fans jazzed about the 206th Bones episode, "The Big Beef in the Royal Diner." As any good Boner (Thanks, Craig Ferguson) knows, there are 206 bones in the adult body. The usual individual bone mention count for a Bones episode falls between ten and 20. To give this momentous occasion the respect and adulation it deserves -- after all, this episode is now FOX's longest-running prime time hour dramedy in crime procedural history -- FOX has assured us that all 206 human bones will be mentioned on screen during during "The Big Beef in the Royal Diner."

Wait, there's more! As Bones loves interacting with their fan base they've devised a way for all y'all to participate in the fun by playing Bones Bingo. Viewers can download their own Bones Bingo board to play while watching. Also, fans will need to follow the Twitter stream #BonesBingo to interact with some of the Bones Fairies and to see the names of each bone mentioned as it happens on screen. The first players to get four across, down or diagonal, or a full blackout will be the fortunate recipients of an as yet not revealed squinty surprise from Bones...

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