Bones Spoilers

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(Article) Emily Deschanel and Stephen Nathan – Bones

Q) Can you start by talking a bit about how Brennan’s pregnancy is going to be handled this season like differently than before?
Stephen: I’ll talk briefly and then since you’re really doing all the literally the heavy carrying I’ll pass it back to you.  Really the pregnancy is just going to have a little bit more impact on them this season I think because Brennan now realizes what it is to have a child, having the family expand and grow and now she knows the tremendous risk that she and Booth’s job have in terms of how it affects their family.  So, she’s going to have to deal with that, something that I think she was a bit oblivious to before, because she didn’t have the experience, so there are emotional considerations that surprise Brennan and will affect the pregnancy for the rest of the season...

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