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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(2 Videos, +Narnia Links) Bones Sneak Peek: The Team Honors Sweets' Milestone Birthday & You Won't Believe Who Sweets Is Contacting From the Other Side in This Bones Sneak Peek!

It’s a sad day at the Jeffersonian on Thursday’s Bones (Fox, 8/7c) when the team remembers it’s the late Sweets’ B-day — and a pretty significant one on top of that.
In the following exclusive video, Hodgins is crushed to realize that his friend and colleague didn’t live to hit the big 3-0...

For international fans (who cannot see TV Line)... follow this link (Sweets' Birthday vid).
For international fans... the second video (You won't believe who Sweets is contacting) follow link.

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