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Monday, October 20, 2014

Ask Matt: October 20

Question: I was so disappointed that Bones killed off Sweets. Why? Why? Why? I really enjoyed him. - Natalie
Matt Roush: By all accounts, everyone on the show liked him, too, so much so that you can almost look at this as a mercy killing, freeing up the actor John Francis Daley to pursue his burgeoning career as a screenwriter and director. (Read the post-mortem here.) If they hadn't killed Sweets, they probably would have had to write him out of much of the season, and as we've discussed many times before in this space, the death of a major character can provide valuable new story material for a show and its characters (in this case, Booth more especially). Can't say I'm crazy about how quickly they subbed in the character of Agent Aubrey, who while not a replacement (different duties and attitude) serves to help us forget, even temporarily, that there's a gaping absence on this team.

Source: TV Guide
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