Bones Spoilers

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exclusive Interview: David Boreanaz on “Bojack Horseman” and “Bones”

I ran into David Boreanaz at Fox’s annual Eco-Casino party to raise money for environmental charities. Of course, Boreanaz attended a Fox party as a representative of the hit show Bones, now going into its 10th season, but I wanted to talk to him about Bojack Horseman.
See, I just binge watched Netflix’s animated series starring Will Arnett as a celebrity horse. They did an episode where, while Bojack was away, his roommate Todd told tourists it was David Boreanaz’s house. @BojackHorseman has even tweeted at Boreanaz to stop sending people over to his house, so I figured he was in on it. Turns out I was the first to let him know. You’re welcome, Bojack Horseman.
Nuke the Fridge: I want to talk about Bojack Horseman. Did they tell you ahead of time they were going to do that bit about David Boreanaz’s house?
David Boreanaz: No, what happened?
Nuke: Are you aware of Bojack Horseman?...

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