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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ask Ausiello: September 20

Question: I’m still devastated about Sweets’ death and would absolutely love some happy Bones scoop you have. —Amelia
Ausiello: Wendell isn’t going to die! As EP Stephen Nathan strongly hinted in last week’s premiere post mortem, it’s highly unlikely the show will kill off two major characters in one season. (The title of the show is Bones, not Game of Thrones.) That said, Nathan confirms that Wendell’s cancer battle will “definitely be revisited” this season. “We’ve already done the first episode dealing with that,” he notes, “and that will continue for a few more episodes.”
Question: Bones! What’s upcoming for Booth and Brennan outside of the conspiracy arc? —Kay
Ausiello: The big 200th episode — and here’s another clue about the premise of the milestone outing per Mr. Nathan: “They’re all going to be playing their characters, but in a different world and situation.” And he goes on to reiterate that this is not an “alternate reality” situation.

Source: TV Line
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