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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ask Ausiello: July 1, Season 10 Casting Info

Question: What can you tease about the big changes coming to Bones this upcoming season? —Amelia
Ausiello: Get ready for a mini-Booth in Season 10! Nope, Christine isn’t getting a little brother; Booth is getting a protégé. His name is James Aubrey and he’s an FBI newbie who works as a junior agent under Booth. The casting notice describes the twentysomething hottie as “charming, charismatic, politically ambitious,” a guy who “views everything as a stepping stone to something better — head of the FBI or even President of the United States.” Booth is weary of his padawan’s ambition and is on a mission to get him to simmah down now. Casting for the recurring role is in its early stages, so hit the comments with your suggestions!

Source: TV Line
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