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Friday, July 11, 2014

8 reasons Bones is still a must watch show after nine seasons

8 reasons Bones is still a must watch show
We can’t wait for Bones season 10 already (Picture: YouTube)
Season nine of Bones has just finished with another explosive finale leaving fans of the show eagerly anticipating the start of season 10.
This season ended with a real OMG factor and left us desperately needing to find out what happens next. This could just be the worst pickle of a situation that Brennan and Booth have ever found themselves in.
Bones is a show that has been strong from the start. It has a cast with perfect chemistry and is a show with strong writing, ideas and character development. It is fun and at times light-hearted, gruesome, sad, buoyant, funny, and very dark. It is also well paced and has some great action. So it is no surprise that it has been running so long and has been renewed for the tenth season.
Bones is a show that needs to be watched and if you need further convincing check out these eight reasons below...

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