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Friday, June 27, 2014

'Bones': 7 Reasons Why Dr. Jack Hodgins is No Fool

Bones' Dr. Jack Hodgins, expertly portrayed by T.J. Thyne, is about as colorful a character as they come. Exuberant, creative, forthright, curious, and humble despite his frequent claims of being King of the Lab, is our Captain Jack. 

The quirky entomologist adds a flavor to the Bones proceedings without which the comedy-drama-crime-science-romance might not be as damn good as we know it to be. Hodgins is the source of a great deal of verbal and physical humor as he conducts outrageous and brilliant experiments with the squint of the week, makes puppy-dog eyes at Angela, pays homage to Dr. B, charmingly manipulates Cam, and attempts to measure up to Booth. He may not be tall and dark, but Hodgie is sponge-worthy gorgeous and as romantic as they come. Remember his first date with Angela on the swings and his 'Be My Love' message spelled out in glowing shrimp? Can I get an Amen, Boneheads? Amen!...

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