Bones Spoilers

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tamara Taylor Looking Gorgeous in a Me In My Place Photoshoot PLUS An Interview!

On primetime Tamara Taylor is one of the (too) few ladies that genuinely saturates both smart and sexy, in equal amounts. When she discusses forensic evidence on screen, you get the feeling she already knew the term (and meaning) in real life. Let’s not mince words, she’s smoking hot too. The face and figure she effortlessly has now, most would be happy to have had in their 20s! I mimic Dr Camille Saroyan’s hairdos and envy her dresses, that although rather impractical for a messy forensic lab, are divine none the less.
Tamara has a darkly amusing humor and slightly dirty giggle. It’s been a while since I laughed out loud during an interviewee’s answers. We talked Bones’ corpse gravy, squirrel onesies, her teen mohawk days and what ‘subtly sexy’ means to her. We also play a fun ‘fan’ game, of marry, sleep with or date? So which co-star gets to be the lucky groom, Sweets, Booth, or Arastoo?
What would people shocked to know about you?
I’m a midnight marauder. If any sugary sweets are in the house, I will find them for a snack attack...

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