Bones Spoilers

Friday, May 16, 2014

'Bones': Why the Show is So Damn Good

What's Bones got that other shows ain't got? Nine years and 190 episodes deep, Bones has defied gravity by captivating a viewer base averaging 10 million pairs of eyes for every original episode.

Why haven't the abrupt and sometimes enraging storyline risks or the seemingly insurmountable external obstacles, primarily the ten time slot changes, killed this show off yet? Surely there's gotta be a genie in a bottle somewhere whose subservience has made all this possible, right? How else could this comedy-drama-crime-science-romance do what they do so well and for so long? There is an answer to this riddle, people, but first the facts. #PatiencePays

Hint #1: That genie's name is 'Lightening' and it goes by several sets of initials, some of which are 'DB+ED'...
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