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Friday, March 7, 2014

'Bones' EP teases 'conspiratorial' season ender; plus, an exclusive clip from new episode!

Bones returns to Monday nights next week with the final stretch of its ninth season, which promises to present Booth and Brennan with a situation like none they’ve ever experienced, according to executive producer Stephen Nathan.
“Sort of the past few years, the cliffhanger was Pelant [Andrew Leeds]. It was a serial killer. This time, we wanted our ongoing threat — at least from the end of season 9 to the beginning of season 10 — to be something very vague and conspiratorial rather than one evil person,” he tells EW. “It took us in a very, very different direction and put the characters in situations we haven’t seen before.”
For details, check out our chat with Nathan, where he talks about Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) first meeting with Arastoo’s (Pej Vahdat) parents, Wendell’s (Michael Grant Terry) cancer struggles, and whether or not Booth (David Boreanaz)  and Bones (Emily Deschanel) will be planning for baby No. 2 any time soon. Also, check out an exclusive clip from Monday’s episode!...

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