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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ask Matt: Ralph Waite's Passing

Question: I thoroughly enjoyed watching the late Ralph Waite in his guest roles on both NCIS and Bones in the past and am hoping that there are still some episodes yet to be seen this season where his character shows up — it will be interesting to find out how/if either show writes around his passing, especially since his character was so instrumental in the back-story development of the respective male leads of each show. A generation of TV viewers has lost one of the best father/grandfather characters we've ever known (dating back to The Waltons), but more importantly we've all lost a good man. — BR
Matt Roush: And how gratifying that he was still in such demand in his later years, including on TV's top-rated drama (on the network that brought him fame all those years ago). Who wouldn't want Ralph Waite to be your TV father or grandfather, right? I'm sure both shows will find a way to pay homage to the characters he played, especially given the impact he had on Gibbs and Booth.

Source: Ask Matt at TV Guide
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