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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ask Matt: February 10

Question: I love your magazine and online columns. I have a question for you regarding Bones. I am happy to see that it's been renewed for next season, but there is one aspect of the show that is bothering me so much that I almost can't watch: Hodgins' money loss. Why aren't they addressing this issue, other than to lackadaisically shrug their shoulders as if it's no big deal? It was millions and millions of dollars that was taken! I was angry enough when it was just his money, but in a recent episode, it was mentioned that the Cantilever Group is no more, which means people lost their jobs, board(s) of directors were dissolved, etc. Angela spent weeks working on getting Cam's identity back, but she can't do the same to find her family's money? I will never in my life have millions of dollars and it frustrates me beyond belief that no one is terribly bothered that it's all just gone. I don't believe that he should have let those kids get bombed in order to save the money, but there's got to be a way to get it back. Didn't he have any in an FDIC-insured account or something? Am I the only one bothered by this? — Steph

Matt Roush: Firstly, thanks. For the record, it's never just you, but I have yet to encounter anyone this bent out of shape over this particular twist. So take comfort in the knowledge that by all accounts, the producers aren't planning to drop this storyline and will let it play out for the rest of the season, and for all I know, maybe into next year. I kind of like that Hodgins and Angela realize there's more to life than money, and the fact that you care so deeply will no doubt gratify the writers, who love putting characters like these (and their fans) through the wringer.

Source: TV Guide
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