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Friday, January 17, 2014

Matt's Inside Line: January 16

What can the cast tease about Bones‘ ongoing Ghost Killer arc? –Rachel
Cast shmast. EP Hart Hanson tells me, “The Ghost Killer plays heavily through the end of this season. But does this killer exist, or is it the one last paranoia that Pelant left behind? That is the question. And is that the world’s best camouflage, that this person might not exist?”
Do you have anything new on Bones‘ Dr. Sweets? –Ed
In a manner of speaking, yes. Just hear Hart Hanson out. “When we get an official pick-up [for Season 10], we’re going to know one way to go [storyline-wise]. And if we don’t get a pick-up and it’s the last season — which I don’t think will happen, but you have to ready for anything — we have another way to go. That’s not necessarily applying to Sweets, but anyone‘s future could be in flux.”

Source: TV Line
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