Bones Spoilers

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Season 8 Tweets

Season 8 began shooting yesterday. Here are a few of the tweets about the new season...

Coffee and Cheetos, the best thing to get you through a 14 hour day.

Just wrapped the last scene of the first day back. Season 8 has begun!!

Back on the set. Season 7 feels like just yesterday.

RT Yes it was. RT : Great first day!  

First day for me and Season 22. Time flies when Bones n Booth r together. Go Big or go home. 

New (Temp) Boss Flow. Back to my Clark Look.

first day of shooting. With some actual fake shooting. 

Off 2 Fox 4 morning 1,of day 1,of episode 1 of season 8 of Bones.And oh-oh-OH is it an amazing 1st episode back!Wow wait till u C this 1! 

First thing tomorrow, Bones Season 8 starts shooting. You know what this means: free coffee and donuts for showrunners. 


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