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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ask Ausiello: August 16

Question: Will we see Booth’s Grandpa (Ralph Waite) on Bones this season? —Sarah
You sure will. Gramps reappears in Episode 4 when Booth “is faced with a family crisis,” teases exec producer Stephen Nathan. And guess who else is set to return in that very same episode? Go ahead, have a guess. [Beat] Forget it, you’re taking too long. It’s Tina Majorino’s Special Agent Genevieve Shaw!

Question: Is Carla Gallo going to be back on Bones as Daisy Wick? —Ed
Yes, but the status of her relationship with Sweets will remain “ambiguous” in the early going, according to John Francis Daley. “They love each other very much,” he adds. “I have the feeling — I don’t know this for a fact — that their [relationship] will be unpredictable.”

Source: Ask Ausiello at TVLine


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