Bones Spoilers

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Visual Effects of Bones

Look FX is situated deep in the heart of Hollywood. It seems only natural for a high-rating Fox Television show to have its VFX produced out of this facility. Christian Cardona is the VFX Supervisor at LOOK FX and oversaw the VFX pipeline for the series of 'Bones' just completed.

"'Bones' creatives allow us to be really deeply involved in the process with them," explains Cardona. "This allows for new ideas and approaches to come to the table and we feel that we can really contribute to the story telling.
This is important for LOOK FX to be involved." Before any storyboards were done, the LOOK FX leads had an initial concept meeting with the creatives, to go through the screenplay ideas. This is to flush out what exactly happens in the script, action-wise and within the story...

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