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Friday, September 4, 2015

Ask Ausiello: September 4

Question: Anything you can give us about Booth and Brennan’s new baby on Bones? Please? —Debora
Ausiello: It’s a boy. He will already be several months old when the new season starts. And his name… will have meaning. Also, don’t expect Bones to morph into Parenthood now that Booth and Brennan have two kids together. “It’s not the baby show, it’s the Bones show,” exec producer Michael Peterson tells TVLine. “We’re trying to find the perfect balance, where we show the kids and [establish that] Booth and Brennan are great parents [without] making it solely about the children.”
Question: Any word if Booth’s son Parker will make another appearance this season? —Phoebe
Ausiello: As a matter of fact, yes! “We definitely will be seeing him,” Peterson reveals of Booth’s MIA kid from another mother. “We’re working on a storyline right now that will have him return.”

Source: TV LINE
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