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Friday, June 12, 2015

Aricles & Interviews, Ratings and Reviews: "The End in the End" (AKA "The Next in the Last")


1. PAUL LEVINSON'S INFINITE REGRESS: Rehearsals for Retirement?

2. TV INSIDER: Why the Bones Season Finale Felt So Final

3. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Bones postmortem: EP Stephen Nathan breaks down the finale's big changes

4. GIVE ME MY REMOTE: Finale Recap: The Next in the Last

5. TV LINE: Bones Boss Talks Series Finale Like Ending, Season 11 Time Jump and More

6. TV GUIDE: How Will bones Go On After That Ending?

7. GIVE ME MY REMOTE: Stephen Nathan on the Show's Big Moves and Alternate Plan

8. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Bones Boss Previews a Time Jump and a "New Social Order" in Season 11

9. [VIDEO/YOUTUBE] HOLLYWOOD OUTBREAK: Supportive Tendon-Cies: Boreanaz and Deschanel Make 'Bones' Stronger

10. DEEPEST DREAM: Emily Deschanel Discusses "Bones" and Its Longevity

11. ASSIGNMENT X: John Boyd on Season 10 and Being a Newbie - Exclusive Interview

12. THANK YOU LIZ LEMON  - "Change is Good, Right?"

13. CARTERMATT - Are Booth and Brennan gone from the Jeffersonian forever?

14. BUDDY TV - How Will Booth and Brennan Solve Crimes if They Leave?


1.TV LINE: 4.9 million and a 1.1 rating, flat in the demo

2. SPOILER TV: 4.88 million, 1.1

3. Marisa Roffman's Tweet: Bones 1.0/4.9 mil

Final Adjusted Ratings:

SPOILER TV: 5.11 Million and 1.2 Demo!

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