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Thursday, April 9, 2015

'Bones' Teasers: 9 Reasons 'The Baker in the Bits' Will Gross You Out

"The Baker in the Bits" is possibly the most psychologically gruesome Bones episode of season 10 to date. We're two episodes into the final stretch of a 12-episode back half of the Bones season and things are heating up considerably for several of our key players.

Some of the long promised angst arrives during a case as creepy as "The Pain in the Heart" which brings Booth back to a part of his past for which forgetting is no longer an option. Despite the light-hearted locale of a successful bakery with an uplifting philosophy and an inspirational leader, "The Baker in the Bits" is a foreboding foreshadowing of what we may have coming for the rest of the Bones season. Without further ado, take a good look at some cryptic teases we have for you about "The Baker in the Bits."...

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