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Friday, March 20, 2015

Peggy Carter's Place in an Era of Powerful Women

Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), whom viewers first met in the Captain America films as the badass love interest of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has proven herself to be even more cutthroat in Marvel's Agent Carter, the ABC event series that expanded her story with epic action adventure and woman-powered ingenuity. In the aftermath of World War II, Carter faced the loss of the love of her life as well as her career, relegated to filling coffee pots and taking lunch orders. She quickly found herself dipping into treacherous waters to help her friend, engineer Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), find out framed him for selling dangerous inventions on the black market.
Carter is a woman with grit and determination, but also morals, and the type of soft side that isn't a weakness. Between beating up shady bad guys and disarming explosive weapons made from Stark's formulas, she's taken her place as one in the growing group of impressive ladies on television right now. Here's where you can look to see other women kicking ass and taking names...

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