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Monday, October 6, 2014

In Appreciation of Sweets: A Tribute to the Baby Duck

GORDON GORDON: He wants what we all want. He wants to find out his place in the world.
BRENNAN: We can find a permanent place for him. Right?
I keep expecting to see Sweets in Booth’s doorway. He should still be sharing fries with Angela at the diner or carrying a box of files into the FBI conference room. Something’s off without him, and it’s sudden and unsettling and unreal in a way that real loss tends to be.

I don’t usually come to Bones for a realistic experience of grief. I’m in it for the redemption stories, the people with messed up lives who’ve found work worth doing. Sweets was a damaged kid. Lance Sweets, psychologist, boy genius, shipper, and Star Wars aficionado, was abused, then adopted at age six by an elderly couple, who died within weeks of each other just before he started at the FBI. He found his purpose through their kindness. “They gave you a good life,” says Gordon Gordon, “and that’s why you believe that people can be saved by other people with good hearts.”...

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